Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back to the slog

After what has been a pretty wasteful month so far culminating in an excessive trip to the 2005 V Festival I'm back on the more serious subject of work starting with a small tip in Analysis Services that I see get missed a lot on my travels.
You've got a dimension, say a time dimension that has levels of fiscal year, fiscal period and fiscal year. You have 2 cubes, one that looks at data at week level and another looking at period level for one reason or another. On many occasions I've seen a second time dimension added for the period level cube (or similar scenario) when all that needs to be done is disable the fiscal week level in the time dimnesion in the period cube.
It's pretty easy to find, in the cube editor open up the dimnesion whose level you want to disable, highlight the level and in the advanced settings set 'Disabled' to Yes and there you have it, one less dimension, member properties and performance hit to worry about.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This Week I am Mostly Listening To...

The Subways - Young For Eternity
The Subways - Young For Eternity

Monday, August 01, 2005

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

My deepest apologies for anyone who takes the slightest bit of notice of this blog but I am currently sitting in the "internet cafe" within the complex I'm staying at in Lanzarote on my honeymoon (there's dedication for you) and have found out that my blog was not functioning in anything but Firefox, whoops. I believe those problems have now been rectified but would appreciate a mail to yourblogisrubbish@stevemchugh.com if you spot any other bloopers. As a good friend recently commented, you#ll never be a web developer steve....