Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wanted: Data Dude-esque Features for the Rest of the SQL Server Stack

I’m a big fan of Visual Studio Team Developer Edition for Database Professionals (mouthful..!). But what has practically always taken the sheen off of my BI deployments is the clunky way in which the other components get deployed. I like the idea of being able to perform a one click deployment and so do many of the production administrators I deal with.

DB Pro really provides complete control over all aspects of the database development and deployment so why can’t I have the same thing for my Analysis Services deployments. Between the deployment features of Visual Studio and the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard everything appears to be there to do exactly what I would like so all I’m missing is that close nit development environment integration.

Reporting Services suffices to a certain extent apart from being able to control the connection strings in data sources depending on the project / solution configuration. Yes I know that you can re-deploy the data sources or use the scripting capabilities but yet another external mechanism when Data Dude (now in its second iteration) shows exactly how it should be done.

SSIS deployment is something I’ve never been particularly fond of but you can build the files into the folder of your choice so I’ll swallow that…

Maybe there’s something coming in SQL Server 2010 / Visual Studio 2010. One can always hope…

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