Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Grand Microsoft Crossover

The rumour on the grapevine is that Microsoft are preparing an all out offensive on rivals Google, Apple and Sony by drawing upon their expertise in the various groups around the Redmond giant.
With the positive reception gained by Project Natal at E3 earlier this year and the planned release of Windows 7 and Office 2010 over the next 18 months, Microsoft are embarking on a strategy that they hope will smite their competition.

Codenamed "Project Flap" Microsoft will make the Natal hardware the de-facto method for interfacing with all of their other offerings. Users will be able to use Natal to retrieve lost Word documents by either jumping up and down furiously in front of their screen or by using specially adapted four letter keywords. "This will revolutionise how people will work in the next decade" a Microsoft source close to Project Flap is quoted as saying. But it's benefits don't stop at improved interaction with the next generation of software "our research has demonstrated that looking like a complete tool in the workplace has an impact on how people are perceived". When pressed on whether this impact would be negative the source responded, "at this time we can't comment on the details of the research".


Before everyone pins their hopes on every office looking like a rehearsal room for Britain's Got Talent, Microsoft's rivals are sure to respond. Google is rumoured to be looking at a free camera add on for Google Docs that will work in a similar way to Natal. The major difference being that users will have to stand facing away from the screen as adverts are projected on to their backs.
Sony also has plans in this space. They will introduce a new PS3 / Vaio office application that will provide users with a cut down feature set that will only work with Sony's proprietary SAD (Sony Augmented Document) format. Whatever Apple will do will of course be White and expensive.

So as Microsoft's rivals prepare to return fire and stick 2 fingers up at Natal they had better take care, flicking the "V" is the new command in Windows 7 for formatting your C drive..!

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