Thursday, April 28, 2005

Constructive Success

Rather than the full on introduction to myself I've decided to let Information about myself slip out in smaller chunks. This in turn presents me with my first opportunity totell you what I'm doing with myself at the moment.
I am currently in the process of evaluating the production capabilty of SQL Server 2005 for a client. Whilst I've been using the tools In various capacities for well over a year I haven't had the opportunity to play much with the Report Builder functionality in Reporting Services.
I like Reporting Services and have done since I first played around with the beta some years back. It is the very essence of a Microsoft product, Simple to pick up but very powerful under the hood.
In the next version you're now given the ability to build your own reports and deploy them to the central server. This provides some great possibilities and moves the platform up a gear. I saw an early demo of the ActiveViews technology in Redmond shortly after Microsoft acquired it last year and it looked good then but after some hands on research I really think a lot more people will take a look at the Business Intelligence offerings from Microsoft.

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