Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Little Tip

I don’t know if you sometimes have a package that contains lots of execute package tasks. Lord knows I do and often too. This is especially the case when pulling a number of tables out of a source system into a staging database.

Well all those individual packages have to have their properties set and their names changes and quite frankly double clicking on each of those tasks waiting for them to spring into life is something I’m not that keen on.

As an expert in trying to makes life a tad easier I now set the package name property via an expression that cunningly grabs the Integration Server path from a variable along with the task name, the combination of which is the full location of the package on the Integration Server.

All I have to do then is copy and paste the task X amount of times and change the name of the task to the package I want to execute. Lazy I hear you say, and there was me thinking I was working “smarter”…!

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