Thursday, November 30, 2006

Making The Client Happy...

Being a consultant involves meeting a lot of different people in a lot of different situations. Most of the people I meet are by an large pretty nice but not all. I shall stop there for fear of incriminating myself :).

One thing is consistent throughout everything I do in my job though and that is that I try to deliver the best solution possible within the constraints placed upon me, whether that be ambitious requirements, time, money, equipment, coffee, etc, etc. I do take a certain pride in what I do and the best thing to come out of it at the end is the successful delivery of a project with the users grateful for the spanking new BI implementation my colleagues and myself have put in place. And hey, if you get to play around with a few extra toys then that's a bonus...

This may counter the myth that as a consultant my role is to bleed the client dry and ensure that the people that command my time have enough cash to bathe in asps milk, ordering people to remove all of the blue M&Ms from large jars made from empty Playstation 3 carcasses whilst drinking fine wine made from the grapes of pandas! (In my head I know what I mean).

I do what I do because I'm interested in it and it pays fairly well at the moment. Ideally I would be a tester at a major games developer, but I can't see that happening until the mortgage is paid off, until then I'll just keeping BI-ing my heart out in the interest of the client.

There was a technical reason for this post but I think my rant went on long enough so I'll perhaps share that tomorrow when I've had a chance to investigate further..

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