Thursday, October 11, 2007

UPDATE to Multiple Pick List Filters in PPS 2007? Get RTM, Quickly..!

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Yesterday I was over the moon with joy after finding that the RTM version of PPS solved my little issue. How wrong I was as performing the upgrade on another server presented me with exactly the same problem.

After some mad panicking and searching for a solution we discovered that the version of PAS on the PPS virtual PC was different to the version on our server. Another little hunt around presented us with this....

Microsoft ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3.2209 Hotfix

...which subsequently lead us to...

A hotfix rollup package is available for ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3

...and tucked away on there was this little gem...

Issues that this hotfix rollup package fixes

This hotfix rollup package fixes the following issues:




When you run a query in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, the query takes a long time if multiple parameters are specified. Additionally, the query may time out in Internet Information Services (IIS).

Hey presto it all behaves itself now.

To summarise, you don't have to install the RTM PerformancePoint Server to get rid of the poorly performing MDX, just patch PAS but I would still recommend getting it for things like better performance on the UI and the fact it now supports integration of Reporting Services on SharePoint.

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