Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bringing Balance to the Force

The eternal debate. Was Darth Vadar the chosen one and did he bring balance to the force. Personally I am of the opinion that he did, he just did it 20 odd years too late for the republic and Obi Wan's liking.

I've just seen the latest "film" in the Star Wars series. There are plenty of reviews out there, possibly even a non-biased one but here are my observations.

1. R2D2, what have they done to you. You now hop out of a ship like a demented jack rabbit with a blaster up your exhaust pipe. It's wrong, plain wrong.

2. Close your eyes and Hayden Christensen sounds like a character from Point Break. Bodacious master.

3. Solo, Yeah Han Solo, Remember him, no, never mind.

4. Take Endor, add a bit of water, pump the Ewoks full of steroids, you have Cheweys home planet.

5. Ian McDiarmid. This man is a god and by far the best thing in the George's "epics".

The subject will not be spoken of again........for a while.....maybe.

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